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The cleaning is achieved by the combination of 4 factors, temperature, water, pressure, and chemicals. The different machines integrate these factors in many ways. There are six generic types of cleaning equipment:

Sanitech Mark Series does not need chemicals for sanitize. Surfaces cleaned with Sanitech will show a cero bacteria count and this is easy to verify though a simple swab test before and after the surface was cleaned with Sanitech. Thanks to the high temperature the bacterias, viruses, and fungus die. At the same time the oil and grease are removed by the pressure of the wet steam. A single step cleans and sanitizes without the necessity of chemicals, this allows a big saving in money and prevents the product from being contaminated whit the chemical agents. The residue water does not have to be chemically treated.

All the Sanitech machines use Propane Gas or Natural Gas as fuel instead diesel or kerosene, which makes of our units convenient for usage in Food Processing Plants’ indoors. Our machines are totally green. Another great advantage of Sanitech is its portability that allows a single operator to reach difficult areas. Sanitech makes the task of cleaning and sanitizing a economic task, reducing the water, time, and chemicals. Sanitech Mark Series cleans and sanitizes in a single step reducing costs.

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