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Sanitech Corporation has developed a line of sanitation systems for the unique requirements of the food processing industry. The Mark Series machines incorporates the new technology of pressurized wet steam at temperatures between 240F to 330F to sanitize and degrease without chemicals.

Why you need Sanitech?

The high temperature of the pressurized wet steam kills most bacteria on contact and thermally breaks down grease and protein deposits. Traditionally, this has been achieved through the use of high cost chemicals and intensive manual cleaning which can further contaminate the food product. The Sanitech machine sanitizes and cleans in a single and easy step while also eliminating the cost of chemicals and cleaning crews. The machine is portable and the system is able to access typically hard to reach areas. The water requirements are lower than pressure washer's thereby conserving water and saving the environment from chemical effluents in the sewage.

Sanitech machines are USDA compliant for indoor usage as they run on environmentally friendly LPG, which is a clean burning fuel. Using Sanitech equipment gives you close to zero bacteria counts, saves money spent on cleaning crews and chemicals, reduces wear and tear on equipment through a single step sanitation process.

Where can you use a Sanitech?

What is a Sanitech effective on?

Which Sanitech Model do you need?

The Sanitech Mark III system is the ideal sanitation solution for small to mid-sized food processors as portability and versatility are its key features. The Sanitech Mark IV system is the most popular model with mid-sized to large food processors. The Mark IV is more effective at larger cleaning tasks as compared to the Mark III as it generates an additional 400 PSI of pressure over the Mark III.

The Sanitech Mark V system is a custom design model made for large food processors. It is the most powerful of the portable models and operates on 220/440 Volts to achieve a comprehensive sanitation over a large area. The Sanitech Mark VI system is a stationary model manufactured on order for very large food processors and is designed to meet specialized and specific sanitation needs.

Who are the Food processors currently using Sanitech?

Pilsbury, Miller Brewing, Minute Maid, Anheuser Busch, Sunkist, Entenmanns, Nabiso, Coca Cola, Pepridge Farms. More...

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